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⭐️ Professional Audioguides designed for interactivity, reliability and ease of use

📱 Multimedia Tablets with automatic triggering and synchronization

👥 Tourguide Systems with high-quality sound

💪 Expertise from 30+ years of experience

We manufacture what we sell, thus are uniquely positioned to adapt to each of customer's needs.

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We support you in every way to build world-class interactive experiences

Creative Content
Through our international partner network, we can offer content production and recording in all European and major world languages.
All-inclusive packages, so you can focus on creating your experience worry free. With rentals, you are always guaranteed to have enough functioning hardware.
For permanent exhibitions, or museums that have the capital to invest in hardware, outright purchase is sometimes the most economical.
We are always happy to lend a hand with an installation to ensure that everything is functioning exactly as it should.